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Why Valentine’s Day is Not so Good for Your Teeth

Many patients have their own views on the validity of Valentine’s Day, but there is no doubt that the boxes of discount candy and chocolate on sale are not good for your teeth. To help prevent any teeth troubles after Valentine’s Day, we invite you to follow these dental health care tips:

– Avoid risky candy: Some candies are more risky than others for your teeth, especially candies that are hard, sticky or sour. Hard and sticky candies can stick to your teeth and lead to prolonged sugar exposure, and sour candies are full of acids that can weaken tooth enamel.

– Limit your intake of candy: You may be tempted to snack on leftover candy all throughout the day or while you enjoy a movie, but it’s much better to choose a certain time to enjoy chocolate and other sweets. Following a meal is a good time to eat candy since you will have an increased saliva flow that is helpful in flushing away sugar and candy bits. This can lower your risk of tooth decay.

– Delay brushing your teeth: It may seem counterproductive to delay brushing your teeth after you enjoy candy, but this can actually cause damage to your tooth enamel. Many candies are highly acidic, especially if they are sour, which can soften the tooth enamel. Instead, rinse your mouth with water and brush half an hour later.

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