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When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Numerous of your friends probably have had wisdom teeth taken out. Multiple of your friends haven’t. So what’s the deal with wisdom teeth: do they need to be pulled or don’t they? Here’s a little bit of information we’ve assembled to help you choose whether having wisdom teeth taken out sounds right for you. If you have any additional inquiries about wisdom teeth after reading this post, we’d be more than happy answer them during your next appointment at our office.

Wisdom teeth are extracted when they erupt since they can make it tough to eat and breathe suitably. But what about when they don’t come out? Should they still be taken out?

Many dental practitioners say that they should. When wisdom teeth aren’t taken out and they partially emerge, they normally get surrounded by a flap of gum tissue. When this takes place, it’s possible for leftover food and debris to lodge themselves between the tooth and the flap, and that debris will eventually feed bacteria which inflame the gums and lead to fever. So removing the partially-emerged wisdom tooth is a preventive choice to prevent infection, inflammation, and complications further on.

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