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The Many Varieties of Tooth Whitening Treatments

Given society’s desire to have white smiles, it should come as no surprise to learn about the vast number of supplies and treatments that exist claiming to whiten teeth. Although some can work extremely well, others can potentially damage your tooth enamel or bleach your gums. Listed below are the many varieties of tooth whitening treatments:

– If you are seeking out the best tooth whitening product available, an in-office visit to your dentist is your best option.
– If you are looking to have your teeth whitened, there are many goods you can use that can be bought at your local stores.
– Not only are professional teeth-whitening products and trays at our dentist office precisely designed to hold your exact dental profile, but the ingredients used also adhere to strict guidelines of safety and functionality.
– Professional whitening treatments are so efficient, it is possible to improve the shade of your teeth by up to ten shades in as little as one visit.
– Beyond whitening kits, many varieties of toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, and various other products all claim to have teeth whitening properties.
– If you do decide to use a store-bought whitening kit, make sure to seek approval from your dentist or dental professional to ensure the product is safe and will not harm your tooth enamel and gums, as store-bought products are not regulated.
– Due to the fact professional teeth whitening treatments are so effective, in-office whitening visits are not necessary on a regular basis. Instead, you can opt for an at-home kit given by your dentist for your own private use to ensure your teeth will remain shining.

If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your possible teeth whitening treatments with Dr. Brian Kraft and our team at Payson Dental and Orthodontics, please call 801-465-7966 to set up a visit to our dentist office in Payson, Utah. Let us help you achieve a healthy smile!

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