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More Adults Choose to Have the Alignment of Their Teeth Improved by Braces

In the past orthodontic braces were thought of as a dental rite of passage for adolescents suffering from the bane of improperly aligned teeth. As time has gone on and the American social conscience has evolved, more and more adults recognize that alignment problems have developed with their teeth.

Not only can this leave you with an increasingly unattractive smile, it can also increase your risk of suffering dental attrition and dental fracture problems with multiple teeth in your bite pattern.

In a situation like this the Dr. Brian Kraft might recommend installing braces on your teeth at his orthodontic clinic in Payson, Utah. This orthodontic system incorporates metal brackets, wires, and other special orthodontic hardware onto your teeth.

After installation need to periodically return to Dr. Brian Kraft’s orthodontic clinic to have them adjusted and tightened.

Each one of these sessions will apply tension to your braces and the periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth in their sockets. This will gradually bring them closer to their ideal alignment.

Once your teeth have been fully corrected Dr. Brian Kraft and his team will likely provide you with a retainer. Wearing this removable mouthpiece during the necessary times will help ensure that your teeth maintain their new position for many long years to come.

If one particular area needed significant realignment Dr. Brian Kraft might temporarily install a fixed retainer. This is a sturdy metal band that will be cemented behind the particular teeth throughout the retention phase.

If you live in the Payson, Utah, area and you have an alignment issue with your teeth, you should call 801-465-7966 to set up an orthodontic braces consultation at Payson Dental and Orthodontics’s clinic.  

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