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Defeating Dental Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable at the prospect of visiting the dentist, especially if the visit involves a root canal or an extraction. However, some people experience anxiety or even fear when it comes to seeing the dentist. But if you skip or avoid appointments because of your fear, you are putting your teeth and your overall health at risk. So how do you defeat dental anxiety and get the care you need?

The first step can be talking with our dentist, Dr. Brian Kraft about your fears and concerns. Sometimes it helps to know more about what will happen during your appointment. Understanding the process can sometimes make your visit easier. If you experience discomfort while you are in the chair and the loss of control starts to bother, arrange to give the dentist and his team a signal if you need a breather. It may also help to distract yourself during your visit. Ask the dentist if you can bring your phone with you back to the exam room, and try enjoying your favorite music or podcast during your visit. If pain is an issue for you, we can make sure that your entire appointment is pain-free.

We can also offer you nitrous oxide, a harmless gas that you inhale through a mask over your nose. You will feel relaxed, but you will not be unconscious. The gas wears off within minutes after it is removed. We also offer oral sedation, where you simply take a pill before your treatment, and IV sedation.

If you struggle with dental anxiety in Payson, Utah, let us know during your visit to Payson Dental and Orthodontics. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that your visit is comfortable. To make an appointment, call 801-465-7966 today. We can’t wait to see you and help you to experience the smile you’ve always wanted.

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