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A Great Smile is Possible with Braces

Braces are the traditional way to straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile. But the truth is that straight teeth come with a host of other benefits, including making your teeth stronger and improving their functionality.

Great smiles are possible with braces. Some facts to consider about orthodontics include the following:

– Plaque has fewer places to hide if your teeth are straight.
– Braces can lessen the risk of your teeth striking one another and cracking or splitting.
– In some cases, braces can improve your eating and speaking skills.
– Braces can ultimately improve your self-esteem and boost your self-image.
– Braces usually lower the risk of tooth enamel damage due to bruxism or TMD.
– With braces, your teeth will have a stronger positions in your jaw because they will no longer strike one another at the wrong angles.

To prevent misalignments from ruining your smile, make sure you are following the proper course of treatment prescribed by your dentist. If you would like an evaluation by Dr. Brian Kraft and the team at Payson Dental and Orthodontics, please contact our office in Payson, Utah, at 801-465-7966. Don’t delay, now is the best time to upgrade your smile.

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